Topsider Homes' with Guest House, In-Law/Granny Flat additions

Topsider Homes, in addition to building and shipping prefabricated homes, also specializes in building guest houses, in-law additions (which are also known as granny flat additions) etc.

For clients who want to get a separate dwelling for guests and for those who want to get what is called the in-law addition or granny flat addition, Topsider has real comprehensive plans. The company does agree with its clients when they think that adding a guest house to their existing properties could provide both a great investment in the property and also give them the space needed to keep friends and family near.

Small guest house plans and in-law or granny flat additions are very much easy with Topsider’s building system. The company's versatile building system allows designs of these additions to blend perfectly with other existing structures and all kinds of architectural themes. The guest houses and granny flat additions are all designed, built and altered as per the lifestyle requirements of the clients. The characteristics of the local terrain and the local rules and regulations concerning home additions are adhered to and the company also takes into account the safety and security of those who dwell in these homes.

Made to the highest quality standards and shipped in kit form for easy and efficient assembly, these guest house and granny flat additions are characterized by the flexibility to be built either free-standing or attached, over a basement, on a slab, or crawl-space, or elevated on Topsider Homes' unique pedestal foundation.

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